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Re: Who created M'Ress?

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I wonder why they were able to use M'Ress but not Arex.
Power Records used M'Ress's name and race, but she was drawn as a bluish humanoid (seemingly based upon Marta the green Orion from TOS). Perhaps that audio script had already been recorded?

It appears that the problem was with the physical look of the supporting characters of TAS. Perhaps there was too much red tape working out if Filmation would be owed $$$? We also have a blonde, caucasian Uhura and a Sulu with dark skin and an afro hairstyle.
Yeah, Mr. Zulu. It reminds me of the animated New Adventures of Gilligan, where they gave Ginger Grant white hair for fear of a lawsuit from Tina Louise. (Not to mention the presence of the inevitable annoying animal sidekick.)
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