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Re: Nintendo 2DS.

bullethead wrote: View Post
You know what would've been a better use of resources? Making a 3DS emulator for tablets that included a direct connection to their online shop and no 3D ability. Parents these days are giving kids all sorts of tech and tons of people pirate their games, so why not knock out two birds with one stone and make some money on a smart decision for once?

Of course, being a Japanese entertainment company, logic and international profitability is less of a priority than maintaining the "face" of the brand.
Nintendo is a hardware company. It would be totally senseless for them to undercut their hardware business by making 3DS games playable on non-Nintendo hardware. Like it or not, Nintendo's brand is built on their hardware, and they sell that hardware by producing high-quality first-party games for it.

Nintendo is currently dominating the handheld gaming market, so long as we are talking about dedicated gaming devices (rather than phones and tablets.) The 3DS isn't selling at the rate the original DS did, but it's not off by a huge amount. It's still a big moneymaker. Nintendo would be stupid to cannibalize those sales by making a cheap option for non-Nintendo hardware.

Steven wrote: View Post
Keep in mind that none of us are exactly the target market for this device. It's totally geared towards the younger audience.
Yup. That's why I'll probably get one for my kids, but not for myself.

Kelthaz wrote: View Post
Steven wrote: View Post
Don't get me wrong, when I get around to buying a 3DS (for A Link Between Worlds), it's not going to be this version. But I'm not the target for this version.
I understand that I'm not the target demographic for this, but we're talking about a $40 price difference. That's nothing. If you want to buy a cheap 3DS for the kids, just go to Gamestop and pick up a used 3DS for around $100.

Nintendo tried this once before with the Wii Mini for $99. I wonder if that was successful.
It must have been successful in Canada, because they released it in the UK and Europe, too. I suspect the reason they haven't released it in the US is because it has no Wi-Fi capability, and I assume most people in the US use their Wiis for things like Netflix and YouTube pretty frequently (as my kids do.) A console without Wi-Fi wouldn't make any sense here.
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