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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Regardless of the size of the ship, this actually reminds me of just how absurdly large Spacedock (and subsequent variations as starbases) are. Just in terms of sheer habitable volume, these things are more space colonies than starbases.
...or it's not only a facility where to refuel antimatter but actually the facility where they create antimatter (in the "stem" of the "mushroom").

Given the value of antimatter I'd say it makes sense to have such a production facility guarded and also minimize any risk of transporting antimatter to a Federation vessel...

Since there are no constant meteorite or asteroid showers near Earth, it would be rather stupid, IMHO, to trap Federation vessels inside (ST IV anyone? ) - in contrast to deep space station Ticonderoga in Starship Troopers - unless the design is to ensure containment of antimatter loading accidents inside (the people on Earth wouldn't be too happy about such accidents closeby ).

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