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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

I like this early article with Laura Prepon, especially the part about the dryer.

I never considered the possibility of claustrophobia.

I would have been more concerned with folding her 5'10" frame into the pretzel to put her in the barrel of the dryer for hours. (can you say "blood clot?)

This next one is for all you "Game of Thrones" fans.

I don't know who should be more disturbed at these prognoses... Larry Bloom or George Mendez AKA Pornstache

If you go to the Huffington video website you can watch all 23 minutes of this next Taylor interview... but she never really says anything more than the 30 seconds here predicting that season 2 will delve more deeply into all the characters.

To be fair to her stumbling response... I'm sure she's trying to remember everything she's NOT allowed to say to prevent "premature spoilage".

Of course TPTB did enough of THAT on their own when they announced

Don't bother with the interview if you want to hear anything about Prepon, that name never came up once in 23 minutes.


One of the funny things I noticed about google searching "Laura" isn't that google automatically fills in "prepon" for me, its that one of my choices provided is "Laura Prepon eyebrows".

I know the brows bugged me when I first started watching the show, but I finally realized (for me) the problem was their color. They don't match the hair. Of course, never having watched "That 70's show", I didn't know the actress's natural hair color was red... and thus so are her brows.

Is this another case of Karl Urban/LOTR where they forgot to color his brows in the first movie and so have to forget to do it in the next?

ETA: Ok, so the next eyebrow site I visited said she's a natural brunette and frequently goes around as a blonde... there goes THAT theory!

So, is the disparate hair/eyebrow color a natural choice by TPTB?
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