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Re: 12 Monkeys pilot greenlit by Syfy

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Particularly since we've already had a number of TV series or season arcs about characters trying to prevent an apocalyptic future. One would want a 12 Monkeys series to stand out from the pack, at least stylistically, at best conceptually.
But in 12 Monkeys, you can't prevent anything, "it already happened." Though they might dilute or abandon that concept; the inevitable demise of five billion people could be considered a downer for TV audiences.
Well, the movie seemed to play with that more than you seem to be letting on. Yes, at the beginning, they said that you can't change anything. However, it seemed, in the thick of things, that Bruce Willis really wanted to try (and you begin to wonder if they were right about that in the beginning). In the end, of course, they clearly were right. However, whether or not they keep this aspect of timetravel, that's certainly something they can explore (I'm thinking Lost here, where altering time was also said to be impossible, but there was disagreement).

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I love the movie and Siffy should keep its fetid hooks off it.
Are they somehow preventing people from watching the movie? Perhaps going back in time and altering it?
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