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Re: Warp 10

This salamander thing happened to Tom because he had wonky insides.

PARIS: Now, why do I get the feeling this isn't just a social call?
JANEWAY: I've just spoken to the Doctor, and it's his opinion that we let Ensign Kim make the test flight.
PARIS: May I ask why?
JANEWAY: He checked over your biometric readings from the shuttle simulations. He says you have a slight enzymatic imbalance in your cerebellum.
JANEWAY: I know it doesn't sound like much, but he can't predict what'll happen when you cross the threshold. He believes there's a small chance that you could suffer a brain haemorrhage under the subspace stress.
PARIS: How big a chance?
JANEWAY: Two percent.
PARIS: Two percent? I'll take that chance.
JANEWAY: There's no reason to. Ensign Kim is capable of piloting the shuttle for this mission.
PARIS: Yeah, he's capable. That's not the point.
Tom didn't give a damn.

Okay here's the pickle.

The chances of Kathryn having EXACTLY THE SAME ENZYMATIC IMBALANCE are fantastically unlikely unless there is a close familial bond between the two.

Brother and sister, or mother and son?
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