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Re: FJ's significance then and now...

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FJ also inspired generations of Trek designs, from the Freedom and Jupp classes of TNG and DS9, to the three-nacelled Enterprise in the TNG. finale, to the USS Kelvin and Spacedock from the latest movies. Perhaps even the idea of a Federation Dreadnought.
First, of all, I want to add that if anybody had been "ripped off" it had been Walter Matt Jefferies. The essential appeal and success of Franz Joseph's works is owed to the designs of Matt Jefferies.

Franz Joseph, Ballantine Books and Paramount Pictures had their shares of the profit, Matt Jefferies didn't.

Same with the "inspiration" you just brought up. The essential starship design was created by Matt Jefferies and all subsequent designs, especially those of Franz Joseph, were inspired by Matt Jefferies and derived from his vision.

Yes, this is essentially true, but.unfortunately Matt Jefferies (due to circumstance) wasn't the one who fleshed out his designs in an organized format (though I wish he had) for the market.

Despite the inconsistencies with what we could see onscreen FJ's "fleshing out" of the Trek universe in general and Jefferies' designs in particular, and the polished way they were presented, was inspirational. People got the idea that someone took their interests seriously enough to put some real thought and effort into it.

For the individual fan (speaking for myself) it was a clear signal I wasn't alone in being interested in this kind of materiel and that a lot of others were as well.
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