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Re: Photo request -- Enterprise hangar deck studio miniature

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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Do you suppose Star Trek The Magazine got these pix from a fan?
Do you believe what you are being told or do you believe what you do see? (to quote from one of my favorite scenes in Chicago).

The close-up shots of the embayments reveal these to be only half as long as the embayments in Richard Datin's pictures (or the one in Allen Asherman's Compendium with a shuttle takeoff).

This begs for explanation.

I don't know where Star Trek The Magazine got these pictures from, but publications are most assuredly not ultimate authorities:
  • ILM-The Art of Special Effects claims that Earth Spacedock, the orbital mushroom (ST III), debuted in ST II. The ILM model builders created the Spacedock, so an ILM book should have known better.
  • The Art of Star Trek claims that Andrew Probert's Ambassador Class (matte) painting of the USS Fearless was actually a pre-production sketch for the Enterprise-D. The Reeves-Stevens should have known better.
  • Star Trek Sketchbook claims that the pressure schematic of the TOS Enterprise ("Day of the Dove") is the one from the bridge alcove (wrong) and wasn't there anymore during the shooting of the last episodes (terribly wrong). As a matter of fact "Turnabout Intruder" featured one of the best views of this Enterprise bridge schematic.
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