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Re: Chakotay was in Starfleet for twenty years before the series?

^but how is it remotely possible to get pregnant in the 24th century....unless you really want to get pregnant

And so presumably if you want to have a baby, you would want to raise it yourself (especially in a culture where people do things to better themsleves) unless in the future, having children is simply a matter of sustaining a species and that kind of parenting has been abandoned (and people like Tom and B'lana who want to raise a family are actually an anomolous sub culture)

Then again, why would anyone get married, have children in a world of i the only one that would spend all day in the holosuite with a group of teen vulcans that love anal....maybe the holosuite experience is similar to synth ale though....good but not quite as good as the real thing?...that's never been established though
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