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Re: Chakotay was in Starfleet for twenty years before the series?

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Absolutely. "We work to better ourselves." Notice Picard doesn't say we work to better or benefit others.

And ya know, if you didn't like nannys you could just get a holo-nanny of yourself! And Daddy too! And the kid would be like 10 years old before they realized that the people they spent 95% of their time with were not real.
Holograms were not usable as a servant (slave) class until 2364.

And still that functionality comes into question when you figure how pathetic the super holograms where from before the Bynars did their tinkering... Even if the love sick monkey couldn't get Minuete to be all foxy again.

Of course, anyone who believe in the interconnectedness of all fictional things, has to wonder if there was yet another fantastic leap in Holotechnology after the Moriarty Program was dissected and reduced to a personalitless utility function.

Holonanies are new.

We haven't seen the generation of humans produced by holonanies exit the academy yet.
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