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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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The two versions of Excelsior shown are scaled to 467 meters and King Daniel's IMO excellent 622 meter size, which fits nicely with the ILM model scaling. The Space Dock doors (assuming they are somewhat accurate) are too small for either version.
That's the first thing I noticed about that diagram. Seems to me we're better off scaling up Spacedock than trying to make the smaller Excelsior size work, especially since -- IMO -- it's too small even for the Enterprise.

I'm torn between the two sizes. The details seem to fit better with the Constitution at the smaller size.
I don't see how, considering the Excelsior isn't BASED on the Constitution in any way shape or form. When you consider that Enterprise received a refit to its new configuration possibly to keep pace with technology and designs on contemporary vessels -- like the Miranda and Constellation classes -- then it could be that the Constitution is actually the odd man out and some of those structural features are "cropped" on the Connie that would be full-sized on any other vessel.
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