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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

Yeah I was pissed that I bought G.I. Joe Retaliation (a movie I enjoyed, because it worked great on every level it intended to work on and cheered me up during a bad time. Just seeing a proper Cobra Commander was enough to make me smile) and I learned only later that Best Buy had more footage on their version and I'd already opened my Target version.I heard the extra footage had more of Jinx, a character I liked even before the film came out.

The point: Before this stupid Into Darkness Blu-ray comes out I'll have to look at comparisons of all the different stores.. It's frustrating.
See, the problem is that you are using your cards to show me what cards you have, and if you can't see that this is viciously circular, then there is no point in continuing
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