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Freedom of Speech has nothing whatsoever to do with the Private Sector. Freedom of Speech is simply "The Government may make no laws to limit your Speech"
That's not "Freedom of Speech", that's the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which, as you say, only guarantees that your freedom of speech won't be limited by the Government, and that doesn't equate to much in a complex world of mass media and world-spanning corporations. Other countries have broader, more modern definition of what freedom of speech is.
Fair enough, I can see how that sounded American-centric. I tend to think of the Board as conforming to American Law, since it is (To My Knowledge) the Definitive and Largest Trek Board, which is afterall an American Franchise. My apologies if that's an incorrect assessment.

If it is correct though, the board is a Private Enterprise, and therefore can allow or disallow whatever Freedom of Speech they choose... It's a condition of creating a UserID and posting that you accept those terms. Also, typically whatever you post is the Board's Property should things ever get ugly over ownership rights to post content
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