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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

Ok, forgive me for double posting.

These are the images of the Jein Excelsior model I spoke of earlier. Among other things, you can tell it's the Jein model by the fact that the name lettering is straight instead of curved. There are also minor details in paint scheme and such.

That bridge dome is too narrow at any of the supposed sizes, and really too small overall.

This, meanwhile, is the relativistic comparison I mentioned earlier.

This presupposes a 305 meter Enterprise refit and 642 meter Enterprise-D, as well as a 3800 meter diameter for Spacedock.

The two versions of Excelsior shown are scaled to 467 meters and King Daniel's IMO excellent 622 meter size, which fits nicely with the ILM model scaling. The Space Dock doors (assuming they are somewhat accurate) are too small for either version. I'm torn between the two sizes. The details seem to fit better with the Constitution at the smaller size.

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