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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

CAN'T FIX CRAZY... continued


What goes around, comes around.

(Previously, on OitNB, Chapman played a mean joke on Doggett which landed her in the Psych ward, a place several circles of hell worse than the SHU, where she began to doubt the existence of a God that would let his faithful be so horribly abused.

Once out of the SHU, Doggett has some sort of rapprochement with the blond one, which lead the zealot to think Piper was ready to be baptized and join her prison flock. She was not happy when Piper disrespected her enough to refuse the kingdom of God before her very own followers. So Tiffany decided Piper had to die.)


Taystee is Piper's new cube-mate!

You gotta love Taystee. She's sweet and she's insightful, not just about her own plight, but the women around her. And at the moment, that means Piper.

The guards have just completed the daily "count" and Piper turns to sit on her bed, back to the wall, sporting that "12 foot stare in a 10 foot room" look we saw when she first got out of SHU.

Taystee: Heard you broke up with your girl.
Piper: Wow. Twitter's got nothing on "prison".
Taystee: You feel bad?
Piper: I feel like I did what I needed to do.
Taystee: She mad?
Piper: (Very grim) Yep.
Taystee: (She's so matter of fact, its spooky) Mad enough to leave a dead rat on your locker?
Piper: (Turns to look at Taystee) What?

(Taystee points to Piper's locker)

Piper: (Jumps off her bunk) WHOA!!!! WTF No, no, no... she didn't do that. Do you think that thing just crawled up there and died?

(No Piper, I think it crawled up there and committed suicide to protest the injustices suffered by rats everywhere. )

Taystee: Nooo, this is a message rat.

(She uses her comb {shudder} to push the rat off the paper message its guarding)

Taystee: Someone say they gonna kill you. Say right here.

(She points patiently at the block lettered note)

Taystee: See, they meant "You're"... apostrophe R...E. As in "you are gonna die"." But this some ignorant bitch-ass shit.

(Piper is studying the note in Taystee's hand.)

Piper: What's an Amalekite?

(This is where Taystee calls in a consultant with a biblical background. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Black Cindy!)

Black Cindy: Amalekite? Hmmm. Oh, they real baddies in the bible, attackin' everybody, preying on the weak and shit. A WAR tribe. Ohh, and in "Samuel", God told Saul to KILL EM ALL! UHN! Utterly destroy them motherfuckers. That what God say. Even the babies.

(She points at Taystee for emphasis)

Black Cindy: Even the cows. They so bad they cows had to die!
Taystee: (One track mind?) Say anything about rats?
Black Cindy: (Stops to consider) No.

For some reason, after all these months, Piper has forgotten she's in PRISON and the rules are different here than in Park Slope. She wants to tell someone in "authority" of the threat and its probable source (that "fucking hillbilly", Doggett) but is shot down by both of her advisors.

Taystee tells her TPTB will simply put her into segregation (I think that is... or is like the SHU) so they won't have to "deal" with the threat. When asked what her options were... Black Cindy was blunt.

Black Cindy: KILL that motherfucker! Out!

Like anyone who has received a diagnosis and treatment plan they don't agree with, Piper seeks out more opinions on the subject when she has lunch with her new roomie and Taystee's posse... Poussey, Watson, Black Cindy.

Piper: Maybe she's just trying to engage me, says something about the Amalekites, piques my interest and then she can get me to go to bible study group... She's a weird girl.
Poussey: (Can you read her mind? WTF?) Yeah, "You gonna die" is real vague, TOTALLY open to interpretation.

I love how animated they become when they teach Piper how to "fight girls". I love how Piper laughs at them laughing at her predicament.

See Piper... you can have fun eating with people you aren't having sex with, AND learn some useful skills besides.

"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte
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