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Re: Nintendo 2DS.

Keep in mind that none of us are exactly the target market for this device. It's totally geared towards the younger audience.

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So let's see if I have this straight.

+ $40 cheaper.
Plus for parents when looking at which one of the "3DS family" to buy.

- Doesn't fold. No protection for the screens and harder to transport.
One less moving part for kids to snap off or otherwise break. Though I admittedly don't know how much of an issue this is.

- No 3D.
Which they strongly recommend against using for kids under 7 anyways.

- Ugly design.
- Uncomfortable to use (especially the bottom touch screen).
Meh, I'll grant the ugly design. It does look a little weird, but uncomfortable? It looks like it might be difficult to control, but placed side by to side to the existing 3DS versions, it doesn't seem like it would be much different.

- Mono speakers.
On a device this size, does that matter? The two speakers would be right next to each other anyways. It still has stereo if you plug in headphones.

I can understand Nintendo wanting to make a cheaper 3DS for the holidays, but this is what they came up with? Why?
Cheaper to produce, cheaper to sell, geared towards kids. Not really seeing anything wrong with it.

Don't get me wrong, when I get around to buying a 3DS (for A Link Between Worlds), it's not going to be this version. But I'm not the target for this version.
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