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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

Bill Hunt at has excoriated Paramount for this reprehensible Blu-ray release. He gave an 'F' grade to the extras.

Here's his rant:

Bill Hunt wrote:
It’s a terrible way to treat your consumers, who are sometimes spending $34.99 or more for a Blu-ray, expecting to get a little genuine value for their money. And no, six different versions of the exact same movie isn’t value. If you’re a serious Blu-ray enthusiast – or for that matter a Star Trek fan of any kind – all you care about when you buy a Blu-ray is getting the movie in pristine quality with lots of extras. Though its A/V quality is exceptional, in all other respects the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray [is] an insult.

...Seriously, if Paramount is going to treat its Blu-ray customers like this, they should just get out of the business altogether. Or better yet, farm all their titles – not just the catalog titles – out to third party licensees who will treat these films and Blu-ray customers in general with greater care and respect.

...I’ll tell you this much: Outside of the Paramount catalog titles, which Warner Bros is currently doing a very nice job on, I would not buy another Paramount Blu-ray release of any title until they stop taking advantage of their customers like this. Not one. World War Z, I’m looking at you. ‘Cause I’ll bet you a dollar they’re doing the exact same thing on that title and on other upcoming new release Blu-rays too.

It’s outrageous.

Here's his review:

Bill Hunt wrote:
Here’s what I have to say to Paramount. Do you guys just not care about your Blu-ray customers anymore? Do you really think that anyone outside of Best Buy, Target and iTunes executives is going to be happy that you’ve done this? I’ll tell you who’s going to be rightfully pissed about it: Pretty much anyone who buys any version of this title on Blu-ray. I have to ask: Do you guys even understand who your audience is with Blu-ray anymore? Mostly, it’s serious movie and home theater enthusiasts... and, in this case, Star Trek fans for God’s sake!


Blu-ray consumers deserve a lot better than to be treated like this. Bottom line: Anyone who spends $34.99 anywhere on a major title like this should get everything – not be forced into a pricey scavenger hunt.

Don't mince words, Bill. How do you really feel?
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