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Re: Syfy greenlights new pilot ""Timegate SG1""

But they did say that they had been waiting months since New York was destroyed for a usable window into America this century to save the day.

I liked the mention of the distortion field around the effect that protects their "lives" from being rewritten and allows them to remember alternate pasts.

But the General who left the protection of the distortion field was under the belief that only his memories were going to be rewritten and it would be basically the same meat chassis as before strutting about. Death of personality is death.

If you're inside the distortion field then surely if the world was so different that your counterpart in the new timeline never worked for the rewind project then, they're a doppleganger outside the field wondering why you are trying to steal your/their life after you eventually emerge?

So it's suicide to be wittingly walk outside the distortion field, because a different version of you, is not you, and it's exile to foreign territory to stay inside the distortion field when the universe is rewritten...

Do they inadvertently destroy the project rewind base and support team indigenous to any new timeline whensoever they crash on top of themselves? but what about a slightly different timeline where the project rewind was built in a different location? Would every project rewind then be also protected by their own distortion field and be dragged along into each new universe thereafter?
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