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Re: The Aligorical Aliens!

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Chekov was created to appeal to fans of The Monkees. Chekov bears a resemblance to Davy Jones. The Chekov appeasing the Soviets thing is just Roddenberry press puffery.
That's what I've always heard as well. When my daughter first saw Chekov in a TOS rerun she flipped out and thought it was Davy Jones for a second. Then he spoke and killed it for her.
Snopes has an interesting article about this.
All of this conflicting information makes it difficult to assign a "True" or "False" status to the claim stated at the top of this page. In a strict sense, one could say it isn't true that the Chekov character was added to the Star Trek cast because of a editorial in Pravda (whether or not such an editorial was ever actually published), since Gene Roddenberry had already been thinking about creating a part for "Monkees-like" actor in the show. However, one might impart some truth to the claim in the sense that Roddenberry's belief that Pravda had run such an editorial might have influenced his decision to make the new character's nationality Russian rather than British. On the other hand, one might maintain the claim is literally false, since there is no evidence (other than hearsay) that Pravda published an editorial critical of Star Trek's lack of Soviet crew members.
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