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Re: Would Nemesis Have Fared Better?

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Ugh, the Remans: another strike on the movie. We didn't need Nosferatu Remans. Just have them be regular Romulans with some form of illness/genetic problem and/or Romulan/X Alien Race hybrids. The scum so low (to the "real" Romulans) that they're not good enough to mingle with even the lowest or the pure blood Romulans; that's why they make great cannon fodder, the Romulans are just throwing out the garbage. The Nosferatu In Space look just killed the Remans for me from minute one.
I'd have been happier with the Remans if 1) they hadn't come out of NOWHERE and 2) they hadn't taken center stage, making Romulans seem like an endangered species.
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