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You're cute when you're drunk.

Is it wrong to say that? Eh, I don't care. You are.
It is not wrong, I am doomed to eternal cuteness. It's okay usually, but it sucks when you're trying to be threatening.

I've always secretly wanted to be cute. Cute girls get to wear the cute polka dot clothes and summer stuff! I envy your cuteness!

I think I can see how it could get annoying though. People tend to think I'm very innocent. This is great in some ways. You don't get guys trying to paw you very often and people are more "polite" around you. If they decide they have to flirt, they do it in a less annoying way. The downside of it is that people don't dare tell dirty jokes around you, they treat you like a kid (even if i'm 25..) and if you do something "out of character" everybody freaks out.

Do cute people get the innocence stigma automatically? I've noticed that I automatically think people with dimples are innocent because dimples are cute.

I USED TO BE CUTE! I look a bit like a drunk brawler.. Baring my teeth.. Trying to escape my restraints and climb on top the table to attack the photographer..
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