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Re: STVI without the racism

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One complaint about TUC is the sudden, out of nowhere racism of the senior crew of the Enterprise, especially Kirk.
Shatner objected to it, but he was overruled by Meyer. What might have made it better was to go with what Shatner suggested -- that if he had to say the line, that he at least get to pause and project a feeling that Kirk immediately regretted saying it, to show a more conflicted Kirk. Could of made the scene better. Or maybe not. There's no way to know now, but it would be interesting to see athe scene staged the way Shatner wanted to do it to compare.

Overall, I take Nick Meyer's Trek outings as his own, a separate reboot only nominally connected with any other version of Star Trek, where Starfleet is a predominantly military organization and Klingons have pink blood.
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