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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Since I have to assume that you visited the other two threads I recommended, I now assume that you merely want to test whether I still hold on to my "erroneous" and heretical belief that the TOS Enterprise is not a member of the Constitution Class.

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Eh, but NCC-1700 was shown on the status chart on screen. Unless it's the prototype, and unless Mr. Jefferies's comments allowed this out for the prototype, it's hard to reconcile.
We saw it on the starship status chart as the starship the farthest from being "complete"!
Greg Jein himself eventually conceded at the end of his treatise that it might be a starship still under construction (perhaps the Defiant?).

Since it hasn't yet been settled whether the last two digits refer to a construction contract (Jefferies' premise but apparently revised by "NCC-1697") or an arbitrarily assigned contact code, the "00" in "1700" could merely be a placeholder for a yet to be assigned contact number which can turn out to be "00" (Excelsior), "01" (Enterprise), "02" (Oberth) et cetera.

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Forgive me - do you mean to assert then that the TOS version of the ship is the 16th design, and the 17th design is how she appears in the movies? I must be missing something because that doesn't quite work.
No, I'm asserting that Greg Jein, Bjo Trimble and Mike Okuda can't have cake and eat it, too. They wanted us to have starships with a prefix beginning with "16" to be members of the Constitution Class and there these go.

As the first bird and the first ship of the 17th series (Matt Jefferies in perfect sync with the statements of Bob Justman and Whitfield/Roddenberry in The Making of Star Trek) the TOS Enterprise therefore is the first ship of its class, the Enterprise Class.

So the whole issue essentially comes down to the question who is the authority deciding such matters for us:

3 fans of which none was ever involved with the actual production of TOS or the 3 men that created Star Trek and the Enterprise?!?!

It still doesn't take a split second for me to decide which side I'm on and to whom I'm listening.

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I once presupposed that Class 16 was a design that looked almost like the Constitution class - so much so that you almost couldn't tell the difference with a simple swap of the nacelles and a couple other details. All supposition, of course. But ignoring the 16xx registries as Constitutions makes more sense IMO.
Quite the contrary as I tried to illustrate with the Constitution Class NCC-1701-A in contrast to the Enterprise Class NCC-1701.

We do not know what actually does constitute a difference to distinct the 16th from the 17th design. As you suggested it might have been different warp nacelles or different internal arrangements.

Since Bjo Trimble, Greg Jein and Mike Okuda (TOS-R) insist we saw starships of the 16th design in TOS I won't rule out the possibility these had more cargo container hatches on the engineering hull than the Enterprise. Such a feature wasn't discernible in the VFX footage but upon close examination it would have become very noticable - in-universe, that is.

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