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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Spock said that the gravity systems were failing, that could mean they were going haywire, it didn't help that the Enterprise was caught in the gravity field of Earth.
At 300,000km from Earth, the gravitation field from the Earth is effectively 0.
Incorrect. It's actually about 55mm/s.
What exactly is 55 millimeters per second? That's a speed. What does it indicate?

I've never heard of measuring a gravitational field by speed. I've heard of measuring it by acceleration, though.

At an altitude of 300,000 km above the Earth, I get an acceleration, due to the Earth's gravitation, of about 4.2 millimeters per second per second, or 4.2mm/s^2 using abbreviations.

How does that relate to 55mm/s?.

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