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Re: Chakotay was in Starfleet for twenty years before the series?

Figuratively his sister or mother.

(Kathryn could have donated an egg?)

The girl science officer emotionally distant from her own family?

There's no way she wasn't invited to a couple Paris family dinners.

If it wasn't for what was said in the pilot, you know canon, arguments could be made that she knew him as a child. Arguments could also be made that Tom Paris is still a child.

There's a line in the miniseries about alien abduction "Taken", where the snot nose girl from Blair Witch and Max headroom finally start frakking, despite a 25 year age difference and that he's her fathers best friend and subordinate.

Max "I've wanted to do this since you turned 18."

Blair witch girl: "Really? I've wanted to do you since I was 10."
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