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Re: The Aligorical Aliens!

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Journey to Babel.

The Federation is the UN
Vulcan is America
Tellar is China
Coridan is Taiwan

Should the Coridan planets be admitted into the Federation (UN)? The Coridan planets are claimed by some races like Tellar (China), races who want to keep it out of the Federation (UN), others support it's admission - Vulcan (America).

You think VULCAN is AMERICA?

Am I missing something about my own country?

What qualities do you think Vulcan has that we have?

Vulcan's whole story about nearly destroying themselves and then devoting their lives to pure logic seems like something that COULD happen to America one day. But right now? I don't think so?

Just curious/wondering why you equated those two.
I am curious as to the reasons behind it?
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