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Re: Artificial Gravity Generation

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The Phoenix did not seem to have inertial damping or and AGS. How was it Khan's DY-100 had it, and why bother of a sleeper ship where the vast majority of time the passengers would not be awake?
Surely you've heard of this. Just because you are asleep doesn't stop your bones and muscles from deteriorating in a zero gravity environment, you already loose 20% of your muscle mass in zero gravity within two weeks.

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Probably the artificial gravity switched on then, too.
The problem with that is that the sleeping chambers didn't have safety belts. Half the supermen would have ended up face down when the gravity slammed back on!
Assuming that the artificial gravity generators draw power (which is reasonable), both of these issues can be addressed in the same way, by having the gravity turned on during sleep mode only in key areas of the BB where it's actually needed, such as the hibernation chambers themselves. It might not even have to be all the way up to one gee. In wake-up mode, gravity could switch on fully and in all parts of the ship that have it, with the rest of life support.
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