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Re: What Setting Would You Like For The Next Series?

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Story ideas about endless techno-babble?
One does not beget the other. Really all need be said is, "This is slipstream drive. It's a lot faster than warpdrive." Anything beyond that would be superfluous.

The problem with the technobabble in the 90s wasn't the technology description itself, but the lack of brevity. The writers went out of their way, it seemed, to be as verbose as possible.

You could take a smart phone with you back to the 50s and describe it as "A telephone you take with you that provides its own directory and library of information." Or describe it like they do on some of those techy vlogs.

The story ideas would relate to how, if the project is a success, then the entire map of the entire galaxy (not just the Alpha Quadrant) is completely redrawn. There's a lot at stake. There's also the matter of whether or not the political atmosphere of the Federation changes once it has such an unfair advantage over the other powers. Power corrupts and all that.

The technology itself is just a prop, just like it was in TOS. But since it's new and untested, having it break all the time could keep things interesting. (As long as it doesn't resort to silly antics like TFF.)

One of the biggest mistakes Voyager did IMO is make the ship perfectly shiny and new. It would have been so much better had it been the Intrepid class prototype.

Whle I do think the show should be set on a starship, having the ship be anything more than a way to get from story to story likely wouldn't be that important. Kirk's ship was old, it was the characters and the situations that were the important part of the show.
The Enterprise was as much a character of TOS as any of the actors where. TNG lost that connection, and the other three shows never really found a way to find it again. The whole idea is to bring it back.

A ship a mile long or one 500 feet long, not my first concideration. How many ober-powerful giga-phaser banks it has ... who cares.
Not sure how this is applicable. I never implied anything of the sort.
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