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Re: FJ's significance then and now...

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FJ's influence on the Trekverse is immense. Every time you see the Federation flag, you're looking at a blatant rip-off of his design, changed just enough to avoid having to pay royalties.
Rather looks to me that both Franz Joseph and Paramount should have paid royalties to the United Nations, which served as an inspiration for both.

FJ also inspired generations of Trek designs, from the Freedom and Jupp classes of TNG and DS9, to the three-nacelled Enterprise in the TNG. finale, to the USS Kelvin and Spacedock from the latest movies. Perhaps even the idea of a Federation Dreadnought.
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Were those uniform patterns in the Technical Manual good enough to make an actual costume from? I never owned one of the commercial uniforms, the closest I got was when my ex gave me a contemporary velour shirt for Christmas. It was very comfortable, but could get hot.
IIRC, they were created by Franz' daughter Karen, for cosplaying with her friends. A couple of pics and lots of Tech Manual backstory in this interview here:
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