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Re: "Second Chances" and its disturbing implications

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I always wondered why Tom didn't get promoted to Lieutenant Commander. That same episode said he was promoted for his bravery in that evacuation that created the double. So Tom did that every bit as much as Will.
I would think that Tom Riker's questionable grooming choices would disqualify him, but more broadly, a promotion in rank is not in itself a reward for courage (or any other display), but an assignment of new duties and responsibilities. Displays of courage figure would figure into a promotion, but presumably Riker would need to demonstrate that he can perform at a higher level, which might not be as easy after years in isolation.
Not arguing with you in regards to our miliatries... but directly from the episode.

You see... he earned a promotion very quickly.
I know. (with irony) For exceptional valor during the evacuation of the research station on Nervala Four. (off her reaction) I looked over his service record.

So it stands to reason that if Will got promoted for that "exceptional valor" that Tom also displayed, he should too. Not that he shouldn't be headed directly to the nearest Academy for some refresher courses and desk duty probably until he gets back into the loop of things. But Star Trek is flexible in things like that. And what's his grooming have to do with anything? Failure to adhere to dress code while marooned with no hope of rescue?
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