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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

Hank needs to make a decision - and soon - how he wants to move with this. He has one of two options, as I see it:
1. Keep quiet and/or disappear. If he does this and get caught, he will go to jail for complicity in multiple crimes. If he doesn't get caught and stays off the radar, he should be fine, but I doubt his disappearance won't go unpursued
2. Call it in RIGHT NOW, throw himself at the mercy of DEA admin and hope for a demotion at best, dismissal at worst. I agree with his wife (in this case). He needs to get in front of this before it goes sideways (and it will, meta-thinking, based on how this show is written). Either way, his career is over and it will be messy but, in this case, I think it's best to engage in preemptive spin control to mitigate maximum self-damage.

He's in far too deep at this point and waited too long and kept too many people out of the loop to really do anything else meaningful in this investigation.
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