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Re: Who created M'Ress?

No need to apologize. I mucked with the rudder nyself and I started the thread.

Back to the topic of "who created M'Ress," it was suggested Dorothy Fontana would be the best source for that potential information. Alas (and understandably) the more direct lines of communication such as an e-mail, FaceBook or Twitter type account seems to be lacking. So posing the question directly to her will be a challenge. (I will admit I have not dug too deep into the matter.) I think one first has to have an account with the Internet Movie DataBase and through it one can obtain a link with a university with which she is affiliated.

Hmm, Alan Dean Foster... I wonder if he can be more readily reached? After all, he novelized the episodes. In theory, one can at least ask him if he made up her family members or if he worked from information already written within a "series bible".

I think I'll see if he has a site e-mail like David Gerrold does.


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