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Re: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Ships

It does traverse a range of emotions, much like the Kübler-Ross model of accepting death:
  • Denial (or Shock - there's no way somebody used what I did - NO WAY!)
  • Anger (...that nobody will know or care that I spent hundreds of hours of work on this, nobody credited me for that effort, and nobody bothered to even bloody ask!)
  • Skipping "Bargaining" (There was nobody to bargain with. That also made me angry. )
  • Depression (Pretty much for the same reasons listed in Anger - I would agree with the relationship between these two emotions mentioned in Sopranos, that "depression is anger turned inward".)
  • Acceptance (It's not so bad, I'm my own best advocate in such matters and the people who count know I was the one behind it. And yes, it is actually pretty damn cool! )
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