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Re: Amok Time doesn't make sense.

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By the time of TNG, though, Vulcans may have dropped their veil of secrecy and quite a bit about their biology had long since been made available in the Starfleet Medical database.
Maybe not. By the time of Voyger, the EMH seem to know basically what pon farr was, but still needed to call Tuvok down to sick bay to ask some detailed questions.
It was still more than what was known during TOS. Not many non-Vulcans had even heard of pon farr back then.

But it seems like quite a bit about Vulcan biology was known by the 24th-Century (like unique diseases and anatomy), with the exception of treatments for pon farr. If the Voyager's EMH--essentially a walking version of the Starfleet Medical database--didn't know, then McCoy could be forgiven for not knowing how to treat Spock's pon farr a century earlier.
Personally, I'd like to think that after the events of Amok Time, both Kirk and McCoy would have been discrete enough to keep their mouths shut about what happened. Certainly not filing report, or entering information into the Starfleet Medical database.
You'd think it would have already been there as far back as the 22nd-Century given the Interspecies Medical Exchange program that was originally initiated by the Vulcans. Phlox must have kept his mouth shut about T'Pol's pon farr too (EDIT: in fact, he did).
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