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Re: Oberth Class – the missing link between Enterprise and Reliant

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But seriously, what the fxxx where Nimoy and Bennett thinking?

First, they listen to Enterprise-hater Ken Ralston who pitched the idea to have the Enterprise destroyed in ST III. And in the very next movie they suddenly realize how stupid they were listening to this guy and resurrect the Enterprise.
You are overly-dramatizing things. ILM had always complained about filming the TMP Enterprise model. It was large and unwieldy, and very hard to get good camera angles for it. That was the main reason why the Excelsior model was designed and built: It was eventually supposed to become Kirk's new command after the 1701 was destroyed in STIII, and it was a much easier model to shoot.

Did they consider Excelsior to be Kirk's next assignment? Unless they wanted to look stupid (see above) I can imagine they seriously thought about this.
See above.

But I vividly remember the fans expressing their dislike with the Excelsior (with Bjo Trimble as a very prominent spokesperson) so Nimoy and Bennett (reluctantly?) apparently decided to appease the fans to sell movie tickets and avoid bad PR.
While there was some fan resentment toward the Excelsior, I seriously doubt that had anything to do with the Enterprise-A being another Connie. By that time the idea of the Excelsior being Kirk's new ship was dropped, so they basically just resorted to using what they had for a five-second ending scene: the TMP Enterprise.

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You have a source for this, or any other info? This is the first time I've seen anything new on that particular ship in years. The last time I saw it discussed was back on the Flare board, where it was undecided whether it was a ship or part of spacedock, and had basically become Topic Verbotten (like the length of the Defiant).
TrekBBS member Maurice had the opportunity to discuss this with Bill George, who stated that he thought the ship was a study model for the Merchantman. No, it's not clear-cut proof, but this info did come from a reputable source.
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