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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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How long does it take that tomato tree to grow from a sapling into a fruit baring bush?

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmonths happened in the last 3 minutes of the show.

but I said 2 to 8 months, depending on how you looked at it, then added another month for stasis, which turned out, thank you, to be only 17 days, but Tuvok would have taken over as Captain before they went into stasis depending on how bad what was wrong with them.

Unless the federation was engineering super seeds...

It takes 75 to 90 days for a tomato plant to fully mature.

too sick to work + 17 day stasis + almost the entire entire episode + 3 months to grow tomatoes = How long Tom was a Lt Commander.
But they could have been ALIEN Tomatoes from OUTER SPACE and grew in 2 days!

Anyhow, technically we are in agreement, since I say 3-4 months and you say anywhere between 2-8 months, as long as its on the lower end of the spectrum.

As for Tom Paris not being seasoned, I chalk that up to one of the many things the Memory Alpha article talks about not showing a sufficient passage of time. Then again, maybe its because Tom was kicked out of Starfleet to begin with, only to be drafted back into service, so his command style is a lot more looser than the typical Starfleet officer?
I think Tom would step up if he got called to be XO. I think he would take it on and be a good choice
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