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Re: Would Nemesis Have Fared Better?

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I guess I'm one of the few that thought Tom Hardy did a decent job with the material he had.

Denise Crosby should've been in Nemesis but in a non-speaking role. Same haircut as Yar, in security yellow and wearing lieutenants pips. As Sela? It would have made a bad movie even more laughable.

I agree with you, I don't think Tom Hardy's performance was an issue. And I don't think that him not really looking like Picard was either.

For me the bigger concern was that the CHARACTER of Shinzon was nothing like Picard. He's more like "random psycho of the week" than a supposed "dark mirror" of Picard, so the concept doesn't work for me.
I also agree. Tom Hardy is a fine actor and he did a decent job as Shinzon. I think had instead of being a Clone of Picard that he was a Romulan....OR even the brother of Sela, he would have been better suited for the film. Who else but Sela has a grudge against Picard, and with Shinzon imagined as her brother instead of a Clone of Picard, would have an equal grudge.

But if they were insistent on having a clone of Picard, then I say there is only on Patrick Stewart! I definitely like the idea of him playing an evil version of Picard.

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They should have used Patrick Stewart to play Shinzon for sure. The guy looks pretty much like he did even back in the 1970s (IE other than the fake hair, he looks the same as when he was in I, Claudius, to me). For Nemesis, they could have CGI-smoothed his face some in the beginning of the movie, and aged him up as he got sicker.
I liked the idea of a battle-hardened, adult Patrick Stewart Shinzon with a big fat scar over his entire head.
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