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Re: Transporters to Good

In 2387 people could be transwarp beaming everywhere, for all we know.

BUT, I just remembered that we saw the vert similar "subspace beaming" in the Next Gen episode "Bloodlines". Bok and Picard beam several light-years, with only a minor modification to the transporter. Odd that they seem to forget they can do that...

LAFORGE: We think he's using some sort of subspace transporter to beam aboard the Enterprise.

PICARD: My understanding is that such devices were impractical.

DATA: The Federation abandoned its research in the field because the technology was found to be unreliable, as well as energy intensive.

LAFORGE: In order to transport matter through subspace, you have to put it into a state of quantum flux. It's very unstable.

PICARD: What range would that kind of transporter have?

DATA: In theory it could operate over several light years.
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