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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

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At the very least, he must have been very naive to play an iconic family/children's-orientated role like The Doctor and not think about things like having his face on merchandise. There have been DW toys for as long as I remember.
I don't know that that was ever an issue with Eccleston.

It was certainly an issue with Benedict Cumberbatch, as he cited that as a reason for not taking the role after Tennant's departure.
I didn't think Cumberbatch was ever up for the role ofthe Doctor or was taht the reason he didn't try our for the part?
I think this was in reply to a hypothetical question; the subject of him playing The Doctor seems to come up a lot and this was his answer to one of those 'so, would you be interested in...?' questions.
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