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Re: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Ships

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That's when I decided that, as long as people know, and I have the proof to back it up, the bragging rights alone are worth it.
Exactly how I felt about it. Glad to be in good company, and fine work.

It makes me laugh that, amongst all the contention regarding the TOS ship's arrangement, my highly unconventional approach (putting a TMP warp core in the ship) got printed somewhere where lots of people might see it and think that's how it was "really" arranged.
Thanks very much - most kind

I actually wrote an article on this back in 2008 for

And yes, yours is certainly an unconventional view of the internal layout, but as other threads that have recently popped up here have said, not every ship has an identical layout. Who's to say that this wasn't correct for any one of the 12 other Connies in the fleet? A newer model, immediately prior to the refit, trying out a new internal configuration before the Enterprise was brought into drydock? It's as valid as any other cutaway, as far as I'm concerned.
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