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Re: New classic literature?

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My nephew was telling me about The Giver, by Lois Lowry, which was assigned to him in school a couple of years ago. It was published in 1993 but it's already part of the district's junior-high reading list. I imagine it will also be picked up by other districts.
That's a good example. Not only would I consider it classic literature (albeit children's literature), but it shows some of the things needed to be a "classic" book taught in schools. For one thing, it's got to have themes and messages worth thinking and discussing.
I've never read The Giver, and it may be an excellent book for its target readership, but it sounds like a pastiche of ideas from Brave New World, Harrison Bergeron, Fahrenheit 451, THX-1138, and several old Twilight Zone episodes.
Well, you should read it if you want to make that conclusion. I haven't read Harrison Bergeron and THX-1138, so I can't comment on your comparison, unfortunately. Although, I suspect most works of literature can be summed up by combining five or six works like that.
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