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Re: What happened to Jennifer Lien?

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we were actually talking about Beltran bashing the writers, not Lien

as far as "speaking the truth" They're all entitled to their opinion, but while they'r ON the show and receiving a paycheck for it, I think it's incredibly poor taste to bash the show

would you go on tv and say horrible things about the company you work for and expect no consequenses at work for it?

if Beltran had issues with the writing there are channels he could have gone through, like the other actors did
Ah, but Lien must have coughed in the wrong tune on a Friday morning, otherwise the sensitive writers wouldn't have lost their abilities or their interest so quickly when it comes to writing for the character Kes.

As for Beltran, I admire him for having the guts to stand up and tell the truth about the sloppy writing.

For years, he had seen and experienced how his character was shoved more and more in the background and how his suggestions for the character were totally ignored. Finally he lost his temper, something that most of us would do.

So what did he have to lose? Nothing! It wouldn't have changed anything to continue to bow for the masters. They had already decided to place Seven and The Doctor at Janeway's side as the main characters and the rest as moving images in the background (except for the one they've already fired).

Besides that, lousy employers and lousy companies needs a smack on the head in public. Maybe they will learn to treat their employees better after that.
Regarding Jennifer. I doubt it had anything to do with her. The problem was that they'd written Kes into a box. She was nice & sweet & compassionate. She had great mental powers that she was just learning to tap.

"Nice & sweet & compassionate" means no drama.

Great mental powers has been done hundreds of times on Star Trek, dating back to TOS.

As I said before, that's the creative process. Some things work, some things don't. Not every artistic project is a success.

Regarding Beltran. Just because Person X says that the writers suck or he's the most talented member of the band does not make it true.
The comment from the writers that they had written Kes into a box is not the truth. They were able to come up with good Kes stories up to the last minutes of season 3 and Jeri Taylor was able to come up with good Kes stories in both "Mosaic" and "Pathways", the last one written during season 4. It's really strange how people suddenly lose the ability to write for one character over one night.

Not to mention that Kes had more and better stories than Kim during the whole series.

As for Beltran, obviously he was right about the writers. They couldn't come up with stories for some characters and were obviously not doing their job.

As for the band I used as an example before, X was actually the "good guy" in that drama.
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