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For obvious reasons, my story's titled FLY HARD. Two years later or so an episode of ''Lois and Clark'' used that name. No birds used in the episode as far as I know....

Of the 603 terrorists in the tale, only 24 have character names. One of them is a non-entity which required no voice-casting. Here are the rest of the bad guys, in the order of their departure from the story (character names to come later):

Ted Raimi
Adam Wylie
Dennis Dun, followed by George Takei
Dan Castelaneta
John Rhys-Davies and Richard Belzer together
William Christopher, then Bill Paxton moments later
Eric Idle

Then in the grand finale extended battle:

Lance Henriksen
Rodney Dangerfield
Gary Busey
Robert Townsend
Andrew Robinson
DeForrest Kelley, Ed Begley Jr, Jack Palance, Dennis Miller, Nancy Cartwright and Ice-T simultaneously.....
............Bruce Willis seconds later....

.......and last but not least, except in net weight and size, Roddy McDowall.

The human villains here are Willis, Henriksen and Raimi. When it's over, only Townsend and Robinson survive but are thoroughly unconscious.
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