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Re: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Ships

Yeah, that happened to me too a while back. Some of you all may remember the Battlestar Galactica exhibit at the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle. There was this big glass plaque next to the TOS filming miniature replica that had a faint image of a battlestar top-view schematic etched in it.

That was mine. I'd know my own work anywhere - errors and all. Saw it with my own eyes when I went to visit the exhibit with my wife a couple of years ago. No credits, no email requests, nothing.

It happens. Sometimes out of sheer non-malicious omission, sometimes because if it's an officially licensed and sanctioned event, they may feel they don't have to because they own the rights and, even though you did all the work, the intellectual property and copyrights still belong to them. Nature of the beast, I'm afraid.

I've gotten used to it. The NuBSG production crew used older schematics of mine on the show in several of the CIC control panels when they first built everything. Could have knocked me over with a feather when some random fan took photos of them by accident during a set tour, posted them on his blog and I discovered them. The horribly inaccurate nature of how they looked (based on the old 1978 Monogram/Revell model kit - also horribly inaccurate) actually prompted me to do the updated schematics I mentioned above. I guess, at the time, they were the only drawings even remotely close to being right and so they used them instead of taking the time to do it themselves (don't blame them - it took me hundreds of hours to do the latest version). In the end, though, it got around that I was the source of the graphics and I finally got credit for it in the Profiles in History (or maybe it was PropWorx - can't remember) auction books when all the old set dressings and props went on the auction bloc.

That's when I decided that, as long as people know, and I have the proof to back it up, the bragging rights alone are worth it.
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