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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

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with $457 million worldwide, Star Trek Into Darkness is no flop and will eventually make money once Trekkies buy the Blu Rays.

That a movie can make $457 and still not be in the black is quite mind blowing. I wonder if Nemesis, after a decade of DVD and Bluray re-releases, has finally turned a profit?
With all due respect, it made its money back some time ago. The budget was $190,000,000. So the profit so far has been $257,000,000.
Does that figure include marketing and other costs? And is that profit figure money the studio has made, or simply money in tickets sold?

From the NY Times:
The Viacom-owned studio has increased its international marketing budget for the film by 35 percent over that for the 2009 film, asked stars to do an unusual amount of globetrotting and staggered the release dates to shield “Into Darkness” from competition.
These are costs which have to be factored in before the studio can make a profit.

EDIT: This article talks in detail about how movies make a profit, but their short answer is this:
...a rule of thumb seems to be that the film needs to make twice its production budget globally.
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