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Re: Defending J.J. Abrams (rant) (Spoilers)

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This post is directed at the side of the community that has a strong hatred for J.J. Abram's work.
I was disappointed in both films (primarily for the characterizations and plots) but only really dislike the second (because I felt the action and plotting were really bad).
Agreed. I'm all for a reboot. I just want a good one.

Visually, Abrams' Trek is impressive. I like a lot of color in my Star Trek. I would like, however, a story that's a bit more imaginative than Evil Bad Guy{TM} seeks revenge and plotted a little more dynamically than simply jumping from one action setpiece to another.

The best thing Abrams has done is to pave the way for future reboots, so that Kirk and Spock can continue to boldly go as long as people can think up stories for them.
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