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what's next for X-Men (movies)? [non DOFP spoiler zone]

Note: I know it might seem a bit odd to do a future X-Men movies speculation thread without DOFP spoilage, but, hey, why not? Those can always go in the DOFP proper thread.

So anyway, I'm wondering what's next for the X-franchise. For the record, Jackman has said the 4 film/$100m offer isn't true, and that The Wolverine could be his last solo outing. We heard about a while back that Jeff Wadlow has been hired to do an X-Force script, which apparently suggests very little for certain, and Kick-Ass 2 is not doing too well.

The most obvious answer, assuming DOFP is a hit, is a third First Class, and maybe their timeline will be offset from that of X1-DOFP, Trek XI-style. This could theoretically also allow for an X4, but I don't really see both an FC3 and an X4 being produced simultaneously.

Another possibility is a third Wolverine solo outing, though I don't know if that'd be in the future or the past, or even whether in DOFP future Logan will be physically going back in time, or just taking over his younger self's mind. I know it hampers discussion, but no (untagged, at least) spoilers on that, please. And of course Wolvie could be part of an X-Force, though again, I don't know where in the timeline that'd be.

Also possible: that R-rated Deadpool one-off. Not like Reynolds is too busy with Green Lantern or RIPD sequels...

Maybe Gambit could show up in an FC3? And/or a young Cyke?

And maybe if DOFP does indeed create some sort of alternate timeline, leftover tech could kick-start a more futuristic recent past, a la Cyberdyne's chip in T2? That could be a way to nudge the series in a more out-there/cosmic direction than it's gone so far. Could help ground such concepts as an Asteroid M. And maybe FC3'd be a good time for Apocalypse to show up?
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