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This may be more of a comic book than a movie, but I'll pitch it anyway.

I was reading a book last night and in one section of the book, the author was describing a Revolutionary War hero. This is a no-fiction book. The man's name was General Anthony Wayne. It suddenly struck that maybe I could make a fictional connection to Bruce Wayne. I did some further research and came up with a basic idea.

General Anthony Wayne (the real guy).

Fictional BIO: Born Jan. 1, 1745, Presumed Dead, December 15, 1796. Wayne was a Revolutionary War hero and an Indian fighter in the Northwest Territory. As a result of the Treaty of Greenville of 1795, Wayne helped establish Fort Gotham along the Gotham River.

The real Treaty of Greenville established Fort Dearborn, which was outside of Chicago and basically evolved into Chicago, so it ties in well with the Gotham/Chicago connection.

Here is my fictional history for Gotham. Fort Gotham was established in 1795 to fight off Indians and establish trade routes to the East. The word Gotham comes from the Miami Indians. The term refers to an offshoot of their tribe, the Goshe-Tahm, a word meaning men who live like bats. They live all band together in the Winter and live in caves and in the Summer, they spread out in the forest along
the Gotham River. This pattern is similar to the Indiana Bat that lives in that area.

On his way back to his home in Pennsylvania, General Wayne is attacked by group of bandits and his trusty companion and Indian guide Rouge-Gorge is killed. Rather than returning home, the General became distraught over the incident and decided to forge a new identity. Wayne faked his own death and began seeking vengeance against criminals and avenged the death of his guide. He remained in the now booming Fort Gotham area. As a hooded figure dressed in black and riding a black stallion, Wayne became a legend in his own time; the Gotham Horseman.
"Gotham" is European in origin.

And why not just pitch a movie about the actual General Wayne?
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