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Re: Eccleston turned down chance to be in 50th Anniversary story

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Supposedly, his problem was with some production people when he was on DW. I believe almost all of the production team has turned over, at least once. He also stated his favorite episodes were Moffatt penned. He also supposedly met with Moffatt recently to discuss the 50th but declined. So using the "problem with someone in production" is now an invalid defense.
Why is it an invalid defense? By your own admission, he took the meeting, he gave it a shot, and for whatever reason, whatever bothered either hasn't changed or the part didn't appeal to him.

You might have a point if he hadn't even been willing to take the meeting. We still don't know exactly what the problem was. he hasn't pointed at someone in Production and blamed them. He has complained about the Politics of the show generally and the ass kissing at parties. It could have nothing to do with a specific person, it could simply be "the faces on the lunchboxes" which he has a great distaste for that kind of Celebrityism, and has even been quoted as saying he didn't want his face on a lunchbox, he considers that nothing more than prostitution of the art of acting. You keep assigning habits of "Famous Popstars" for him to emulate, and he wants nothing to do with that end of acting, he just wants to do the best performance he can in his art, and move on to the next role and give that his all. It's art and a job to him, he's not interested in the trips down the red carpet and the other trappings of being a Celebrity
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