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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

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Kirk and Spock are dead. DEAL WITH IT.
With two movies that have done 900+ million dollars combined, I'd say general audiences disagree with you.
This isn't a 'which movie made more' thread but does your comparison take prices of movie tickets as time progresses in effect? Movie tickets cost more (not to mention 3D and RealD up-pricing). It's also hard to compare the number of tickets sold as there is more people alive today than there was back then.

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If you don't want Kirk and Spock, then you don't actually want what actually matters in Star Trek.
Tell that to the 7 seasons of Next Generation.
You may aswell have a new sci TV show based on a new universe, worlds, races, characters, gadgets etc.
Doubtful. Even Voyager, which was no where near starfleet, had references to previous mythos.
Because anything else with a Star Trek label is a diluted spin-off which is doomed for failure.
Tell that to the 7 seasons of Next Generation.
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